Dan Rosenbaum, wearables expert, says Apple Watch is an exciting start with plenty of room to grow

CUPERTINO, Calif. – Sept. 9, 2014 – Dan Rosenbaum, a wearable technology expert, says Apple Watch is a very exciting entry to a new category for Apple.

“Designers were plainly devoted to making something beautiful and very, very personal. It’ll be hard to tell until the watches get into people’s hands if the innovative user interface is as usable as it is innovative, but UI design is not somewhere you want to bet against Apple,” said Rosenbaum, editor of  Wearable Tech Insider. “The widely expected curved display didn’t materialize, and the watch itself looks to be disappointingly boxy. The strategy of three distinct trim lines, and two sizes, however, shows that Apple was thinking hard about its potential customers. A remarkable thing that was nearly left as a footnote is the inclusion of Apple Pay; the ability to tie elegant wristwear to a powerful payment system will be an immense win for Apple.”

Apple announced its new smartwatch today at an event in Cupertino, California. Apple Watch features Digital Crown, which lets users scroll, zoom, navigate and make selections without obstructing the display. In addition, it has a flexible Retina display which also senses force; infrared and visible-light LEDs along with photo sensors that detect the user’s pulse rate; customizable face designs; fitness-related features; and more. Available in early 2015, Apple Watch requires an iPhone and works with all iPhone 5 and 6 models.

To read more about Apple Watch, go to https://bit.ly/WearableTechInsider_Apple_Watch.

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