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“Keeping track of what’s going on in this fast moving industry isn’t easy. Of the 12 or so different e-publications I receive regarding consumer electronics in general, Wearable Tech Insider is the most up-to-date to where the wearables market is heading. This is key for me as a product innovator and inventor for one of the largest brands in the USA… Truth is, we all want to make a name and to make money in the Wearable Tech arena. WTI helps me keep a pulse on where wearables technology is to date so I can adjust the deliverables to help the company to be on time and affordable.” — Jeff Soumokil, Oakley Advanced Concepts Group

“I read Wearable Tech Insider on a regular basis because it is a fresh take on announcements in the sweet spot of one of the market areas I follow. Dan’s analysis of announcements and research and background are added value in a world of copycat news. It is substance, rather than quantity. It is quick, it is somewhat entertaining, and I trust him.” — Heidi Hoffman, Senior Director, FlexTech Alliance

“Wearable Tech Insider provides me with weekly updates on this fast growing sector in HCIT… I always find their articles relevant & timely for someone who follows this space for the Private Equity world….” James D. Utterback, Founder & Chairman, RxcelPartners, LLP

“Wearable Tech Insider has really stepped up to fill an information gap in the wearables industry. Not only am I happy to see whatever alerts they send me, but I find it fun and informative to search their site for articles with keywords relating to my particular project. They really do a great job of chasing down, and pulling together information from all angles of the growing wearables category.” — Tom Sherlock, Operations Chair, MIT/Stanford Venture Lab; Founder, SoLaTiDo.

 “Keeps me up to date on wearable technology way before anyone else. I’ve come to depend on these guys.” Sam El-Gadaa.

“Wearable Tech Insider is a fantastic way to stay up to date on what’s happening with wearbles and what’s coming up next!” Ian Fletcher, Incubator/Accelerator, Wearable World, Inc

‘If you want to know about the hottest area of tech right now, Wearable Tech Insider is a fantastic site.” — Francesco Gatty, Co-Founder, CrowdRooster

“This newsletter is well summarized and highly targeted to a field that Futaba (and myself) find of utmost interest. Consistently, I am finding informative news that I would have not pick up from other internet sources. Keep it going, and I will keep on reading.” — Terri M. Bassitt, Product Marketing Manager OLEDs, Futaba Corporation of America

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