New Health Tech Insider website addresses wearable technology in health and wellness

NEW YORK — July 23, 2014 — Center Ring Media today officially launched Health Tech Insider. A new website focused on wearable technology in health and wellness, Health Tech Insider is updated daily with new products, corporate news and technology developments. Top stories are distributed in a weekly news blast that is optimized for quick reading.

Health Tech Insider covers what happens when hyper-mobile and wearable technology hit the world of health and wellness,” said Dan Rosenbaum, president and editor-in-chief of Center Ring Media. “Health Tech Insider focuses beyond fitness trackers to what can be done with the data they provide — from processing your personal analytics to sending your doctor the data so he or she can act on it with you. Itís about how wearable tech is changing the health and wellness ecosystem and turning people into active participants in improving their own health.”

Alfred Poor pens Health Tech Insider. A veteran speaker and technology journalist, Poor has covered a wide range of technology topics for 30 years, and his experience includes more than 22 years writing for PC Magazine and other major computing titles. Author or co-author of more than a dozen books, he continues to be fascinated by shiny, sparkly things that can enhance people’s lives.

Health Tech Insider is published by Center Ring Media, a newsletter publisher, content marketing and events company. Readers can sign up to receive the Health Tech Insider newsletter at

About Dan Rosenbaum

An award-winning writer, a camera-ready speaker, and a 30-year technology journalist, Rosenbaum is a veteran of the news, print and online publishing businesses with a long history of successfully launching and relaunching major editorial brands in print and online. In addition to serving as president and editor-in-chief of Center Ring Media, he tracks wearable technology on Wearable Tech Insider, another Center Ring Media website. For more information and to sign up for the newsletter, visit, and “like” Wearable Tech Insider’s Facebook page for regular updates.

About Center Ring Media

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Center Ring Media specializes in editorial coverage and content marketing in the hyper-mobility market, including wearable technology, mobile health care and fitness, and senior assistive technology. For more information visit


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